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Preserving traditional health system through herbal medicinal school

Kross Pariong traveled 40 km from his village to Sohparu village to treat his Cancer. He came to know about a person in Sohparu who can cure cancer through herbal medicines. “I was rejected by the hospital for treatment and as a last resort, he thought of trying this last option. He met Mingstar Kharjahrin, 70-75 year thin statured man understood his situation and gave assurance for his cure. I was treated by Mingstar Kharjahrin and now I am completely

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Children can tackle ‘child abuse’ through empowerment

Safeguarding child rights is one of the biggest challenges for the nation as incidences of child abuse or exploitation is reportedly increasing day by day from every nook and corner of the country. Those who are working in child protection experience greater challenge every day to tackle this social evil. Despite various strong legislations carved out for the protection of the child rights, the situation is still not under control. Anugyalaya Darjeeling

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Sabal has changed the perspective about my disabilities

For the past few months, Namay Rona Dhikar has been serving as Poshan Mitra (Nutrition Friend) volunteer in the SABAL programme in Madhya Pradesh. She sensitizes girls and lactating mothers about the importance of nutritious food for their healthy growth. Though she is differently-abled, it did not stop her to reach out the community and sensitize them on food and nutrition security. She is a part of adolescent girls group at the village level formed

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Lessons of child protection given at Winter camp 2018

Every nation sees their future in children, but when the children are unprotected, how can we foresee a safer future. There has been a constant effort from Government and Non-Government Organisations to provide a protected and safer environment to the children. Caritas India initiated ‘Bal Adhikar, Meri Jemmewar’ (Child Rights, My Responsibility) programme for the holistic development of children in the targeted blocks in Darjeeling, Kalimpong,

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Meet a farmer who started an organic movement

Twenty-one months ago, Rosilia from Laitdiengsai, a village in the East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya wished to adopt organic farming in her kitchen garden. She expressed her desire after attending FARM Northeast II programme meeting held at her village. She was quite interested in FARM Northeast programme of Caritas India as it works with the marginalized farming communities to adopt traditional farming practices which is feasible to the area

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