One Human Family Caring for Creation : Campaign Against Hunger and Disease 2016

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“One Human Family Caring for Creation”, is the theme adopted by Caritas India for the Campaign to End Hunger and Disease. Directly aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 3, Caritas India reiterates its mission to put human family and care for creation at the heart of all its development works. With this Call for Action, Caritas India invites all stakeholders and people with goodwill to extend their solidarity and support strengthening and localising the campaign for protecting both people and planet from the impact of climate change, rising inequality and globalised indifference. Caritas India also urges the concerned stakeholders and individuals to look beyond the manmade differences and borders and contribute to the common moral imperative of dignity for all and preservation of the creation.

Family is a basic social unit wherein its members live together in unity and love and share everything in common. It is God who creates the human beings in His own image and likeness and places them under the love, care and protection of families. The members of the family have the God-given rights and responsibilities through which they seek to nurture, cherish and promote spiritual and human values in their families. By their very nature, the individual families are part of the larger society, remain interconnected with each other and form ONE HUMAN FAMILY.

While families have the greatest potential for raising healthy individuals, they can also wound their members that will never heal. When families break down and fail to provide the healthy nurturing that they need, the negative effects impact not only in their own lives, but also on their communities and all other living organisms that grow and flourish around them. Thus, the members of the society are affected by the unhealthy families around them. If we choose to ignore their sufferings and needs, we suffer the consequences.

Inspired from Pope Francis’s encyclical on ecology “Laudato si”, Caritas India adopts the theme – ONE HUMAN FAMILY – CARING FOR CREATION for her Lenten Campaign 2016 and reiterates her mission to put human family and care for creation at the heart of all her development works. With this theme, Caritas India invites all her stakeholders and indeed all people of goodwill to express their solidarity in working together as one human family to promote green earth concepts, ecological consciousness, protect our environment and save our planet. With the 2016 Lenten Campaign, Caritas India urges the Governments, the Church Communities and the Social Organizations to look beyond their own borders and to recognize the common moral imperative which motivate us to ‘care for our creation’.

As an Umbrella Body of over 200+ Social Service Member Organizations, Caritas India expresses her commitment and desire to work together with all like-minded groups, communities and organizations for protecting both people and planet from the impact of climate change, rising inequality and a “globalization of indifference”.

In the last financial Year, Caritas India invested more than 95% of its total fund of 1.14 billion Rupees to roll out various development programs in the different parts of the country which included Relief, Rehabilitation and Sustainable Agriculture Development programs. Caritas India invites Church Communities and all people of goodwill to extend your solidarity and financial support to Caritas India to build up the lives of the poor and the marginalized of our country with due respect to the creation, the handwork of God.

While we pledge our continued involvement in the Development Sector, here are 12 ways through which every person of goodwill can join in and promote Caritas India’s 2016 Lenten Campaign theme of ONE HUMAN FAMILY – CARING FOR CREATION:

JANUARY, 2016: Make a resolution with your family for the year 2016 for more responsible use of electricity and water in your house.

FEBRUARY, 2016: Bring a group of likeminded people of your locality/parish together and discuss and plan for concrete actions on carbon fasting

MARCH, 2016: Experience what it means to be hungry by giving up some food in the season of Lent; donate to the Church’s charity ministry from what you have saved.

APRIL, 2016: Give your free and voluntary services during this month in a school /orphanage/ institution.

MAY, 2016: Visit a lonely person – a widow/widower/single person family – of your neighborhood and spend some quality time with such persons and pay a listening ear to someone who needs you.

JUNE, 2016: Plant at least 3 trees in your farm/courtyard during this monsoon

JULY, 2016: Switch off your cell phones for one hour each day during this month; instead spend time in talking to your family members.

AUGUST, 2016: See how it feels to travel by public transport or use a bi-cycle or walk during this month; Donate your savings for a social cause.

SEPTEMBER, 2016: Express your solidarity with the Church’s Social Ministry by volunteering to be a member of Parish Social Action Cell.

OCTOBER, 2016: Donate your old books, clothes and unwanted household items to someone who may need them more than you.

NOVEMBER, 2016: Take lead in organizing a “go green campaign” in your parish/neighborhood.

DECEMBER, 2016: Visit any poor family in your neighborhood and share a Christmas meal with its members.

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