Say YES to Life, NO to Cancer

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Every year, Caritas India campaigns on social issues affecting society to advocate change. Rooted in the belief of Fullness of Life and mandated to advocate for protecting and nurturing life, this year’s Lenten Campaign Against Hunger and Disease is about fighting the burden of Cancer, Say Yes to Life, No to Cancer!

Annually, around 2.5 million people are living with cancer, with over 7 lakh new cancer patients being registered, and 5,56,400 Cancer-related deaths (National Cancer Registry Programme of the India Council of Medical Research (ICMR)). The top five cancers in men and women account for 47.2% of all cancers; which are preventable and curable if screened, detected and treated at an early stage.

#CaritasCan Campaign

Caritas India launched the Ashakiranam- Cancer Care Campaign on 8th March 2014 in Kerala, a state reporting over 35,000 new cancer cases every year! Home based palliative support and promotion of good food are two pillar of this campaign. Likewise, 6066 cancer patients have been financially supported to the tune of Rs. 2, 23, 90, 619 and 84, 450 kitchen gardens initiated. Ashakiranam has emerged as a mass campaign engaging about 9000 volunteers comprising school students, cancer survivors, health care and education professionals and institutions, agricultural experts, artists and common people, from across ages and diverse backgrounds, giving their time and resources to help cancer patients. After being widely acknowledged as an effective social model in Kerala, the campaign is now being spearheaded in Tamil Nadu.

#CaritasCan Campaign comes to underline this power of love in the fight against cancer in India. Through a network of 200+ member organisations across the country, #CaritasCan campaign in the coming one year will aim to promote following actions in fighting the cancer burden in India, namely, awareness, early detection drives, behavioural and lifestyle change, promote good food, financial assistance to poorest of the poor patients, psychosocial support and homes based palliative care, and volunteerism.

Be a Crusader

Become a #CaritasCan crusader by taking the message of Life to those who need you. “Say YES to Life, NO to Cancer”, is an attitude and action in faith, and the belief we live with. Whether an individual or organisation, student or professional, media house or corporate, you are required to do what you can to share the burden and care for cancer patients. You can participate in the campaign from any part of the country by emailing #CaritasCan your name and contact number to and we shall direct you to our nearest member organisation.

Lenten Campaign 2016 Collection

Every year, Caritas India invests more than 95% of its total funds mobilized through the Lenten Campaign in various development initiatives including health, emergency relief and rehabilitation, education, and sustainable agriculture and food security.

We gratefully acknowledge and appreciate the contributions from individuals, communities and our member organisations for our 2016-2017 campaign “One Human Family: Caring for Creation”. The total collection under Lenten Campaign 2016 as on 1st December 2016 amounts to Rs 16,190,556/-.

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