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Why farmers exchange important for food sovereignty

Madhya Pradesh farm growth has grown to 14.2% per annum in the last five years but the situation of farmers has not changed. They are still some of the world's poorest and most food insecure people. The race to produce adequate food has forced them to indulge in chemical farming which showed better results initially but later its ill effects on land and its production were catastrophic. Overuse of chemicals not only decreased soil fertility but also

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Magic of inter loaning: sustaining income generation activities

600 Areca Nut (Betel) saplings have been planted, agreement with the landowner is done on 20% profit sharing and the business plan is underway. One year back, members of Wabusa Farmers Club from Wabusa Para in West Tripura planned to establish a business model which will help transform their lives. Areca Nut is in great demand in the state but it takes 5-6 years to bear the fruit, informed Robert Lushai, the FARM Northeast coordinator. The

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MIDS takes inspiration from Caritas India volunteering model

Billions of dollars in aid are spent every year to improve the health of the world's poor, and yet preventable diseases continue to kill people. In India, even today, access to healthcare services, provision of essential medicines and scarcity of doctors are bottlenecks in the primary health care scenario. The complete absence of evidence-based guidelines on clinical scenarios and treatment plans in the primary health care sector, together with overburdening

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Lenten Campaign 2018 launched at Sacred Heart Cathedral

Caritas India launched is Lenten Campaign on the first Sunday of Lent at Sacred Heart Cathedral of Delhi Archdiocese, New Delhi. The main celebrant was Archbishop Anil Couto assisted by Fr. Paul Moonjely and Fr. Jolly Puthenpura of Caritas India. “Have you changed the world today?” Campaign Slogan asks the direct question to each of us to look at our lives and ask ourselves what we can do both individually and together to combat poverty and conserve

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Women Saved from High Risk Pregnancy

At her house in Suhagi Village, Devaki is holding her newly born baby in her lap who is now steadily gaining weight with time. She is happy to become a mother and cares for his newly born. Devaki was highly anemic during her pregnancy and her Father-in-law Sitaram was worried about the poor health of Devaki and the unborn child. Unaware of proper rest and care needed during pregnancy, Devaki used to work hard as labourer to make ends meet. Sitaram,

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