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Reintegrating Irregular migrants to their origin countries

Jagjeet (Name Changed) reached Belgium without proper documentation, Visa, Job, or any insurance. He used to do small pitty jobs and sleep on the streets. His health started deteriorating but did not have proper finance to treat himself neither he had sufficient money to return back. Under the European Reintegration Network (ERIN) programme, Jagjeet was identified for enhanced reintegration support under the vulnerable returnee. He was successfully

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Caritas to build 500 safer and resilient homes in the next one year

Caritas India on October 13, 2017 launched a year-long campaign with a pledge for building ‘safer homes and safer communities” as it observed International Day on Disaster Reduction (IDDR). The campaign aims to bring awareness to as many as 24 thousand households, especially in India rural and vulnerable areas, describes a video release on this occasion. It will also build 500 resilient hosing models that withstands all major types of disasters

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Building new era of EU aid volunteers in South & West India

Non-Government Organisations are normally the first respondent to any humanitarian disaster to support the vulnerable communities on ground zero. The role of volunteers is very significant to support the relief and rehabilitation activities carried by such organisations. With increased natural and man-made calamities, the need for professional volunteers has emerged manifold in the development sector. Partners from South and West zones of Caritas

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Caritas India Presents Food Sovereignty Experiences in South Asia Workshop

Caritas India team showcased the successes and learning of various food and agriculture sovereignty interventions in the South Asia workshop held in Anuradhapura, Colombo. The six-day workshop, organized by Misereor, was attended by 26 delegates from six South Asian countries. Mr. Jonas Lakra - manager – North East zone and Dr. Saju MK manager – West zone had represented Caritas India. Participants had presented their successes in helping farming

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Smallholder farmers transforming into producer organization

In Jharkhand, seven farmer clubs from Agrarian Prosperity Programme (APP) were registered with National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) to reap the benefit of economies of scale in purchase of inputs, processing and marketing of their produce. The process was long but it’s a new pathway towards development for the smallholder farmers. By registering with NABARD, farmers can seize economic opportunities and greater control over

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