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23 new directors of social work inducted

Challenges in social work has increased manifold after the recent socio-political development. Every Non-Government Organisation (NGO) is under the scanner of strict scrutiny and vigilance. In this paradigm shift, the  NGO’s needs to be more accountable and should be  transparent and effective in every activity that they do. Keeping this background in mind, Caritas India being the social wing of Catholic Bishop’s Conference of India, it has

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Maharashtra Women Demand Gram Sabha with Police Protection

Suman Gaikwad is one among the eight women who had filed application to make Gram Sabha functional in Beherwadi village that comes under Beed district of Maharashtra. When the previous requests fell in the deaf years, these women under the leadership of Vyshali Ugale were forced to take police protection to ensure free and fair conduct of the Gram Sabha. According to Rukmini Tokal, a member of the women Self Help Group in the village, the platform

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Caritas India Partners in Maharashtra Resolve To Work on Agriculture Sovereignty

Caritas India and her partners in Maharashtra will work intensively to help communities achieve self-reliance in agriculture and food sovereignty. Diocesan Social Service Societies (DSSSs), the local partners also decided to intensify their community mobilisation efforts for fostering grassroots-level movements that will address local issues. These decisions were taken in the 2-day review-cum-reflection workshop of JEEVAN People-Led Empowerment (PLE)

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Students rally against plastic use

More than thousand students and SHG members marched through the renowned heritage tourist place Mamallapuram in Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu on Feburary 24, 2017 to spread mass awareness on ill effects of indiscriminate use of plastic. The rally was organized by the Chengalpattu Rural Development Society (CRDS) an active partner of Caritas India’s ecosystem based disaster risk reduction programme Udayam and St. Mary’s School. Caritas India

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After disaster, communities bouncing back to life

With extended funds from Emergency Appeal, Assam is moving swiftly from humanitarian relief work to lasting development. Time and again, Assam has been hit by floods and finds it difficult to start from scratch as everything swayed away by flood water and people are left with nothing. Survivors face real time issues of survival and livelihood to sustain their families and forced to migrate or take meagre jobs. After relief phase of Assam Flood 2016,

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