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Traditional healers became nutrition counsellors

For centuries, traditional healers and priests are indispensable part of Korku tribe in Khalwa block of Khandwa district in Madya Pradesh. Bhumka Baba (Traditional Healers) & Padihar Baba (Priest) practice different types of traditional healing practices for curing physical, spiritual, cultural, psychological, emotional and social elements of illness. Korku tribe has a strong faith on their traditional healers and priest and they are always consulted

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Nagpur farmers committed to restore ecological balance through agriculture

Farmers from umred block of Nagpur district are completely dependent on market for their agricultural needs. The excessive use chemical fertilizers and pesticides had spoilt the soil fertility and impacted their production. The current practices have overshadowed the traditional knowledge of agriculture practices, climate resilience indigenous seeds and food crops pattern. This has resulted in farmers suicide, especially in the backward region of

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Nuns of SH Congregation volunteering for cancer care campaign

Support of religious order in providing health care support to the needy in not new in India or elsewhere. The compassion and dedication of the order is the inspiration for many towards selfless love. Sacred Heart Congregation is one such congregation of Nuns working for the empowerment of marginalized people. Nuns from Sacred Heart Congregation is one of the partner of Caritas India’s statewide Cancer Care Campaign – Ashakiranam in Kerala. They

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India produces more than 250 million tonnes of food grain every year, which is enough to feed its population but 25% of its people still go hungry. Between 2006 and 2016, stunting in children below five years had declined from 48% to 38%, still, India continues to have one of the world’s highest child undernutrition rates, impacting the child’s health and development. Significant steps have been taken to combat malnutrition such as mid-day

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An effort to save world largest coastal mangrove forest – Sundarbans

Sundarbans delta in the Bay of Bengal is facing ecological threat and at the brink of slow extinction. Spread across 16,700 square kilometres between India and Bangladesh, the Sundarban is the world's largest mangrove ecosystem. The climate change has put lot of pressure on the ecological balance of this unique physiography and endangered the flora, fauna and the habitat. A team comprising thematic experts on Climate Adaptive Agriculture & Livelihood,

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