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Gujarat plans to integrate People-Led Development in their development programmes

Transforming local people to lead their own development makes communities stronger. The approach of People Led Development (PLD) empowers communities to build their capacities and initiatives for a greater control over their own development. Over the years Caritas India is promoting PLD in most of its programmes to strengthen local communities and local people to recognize and support their development. Impressive models of PLD has been seen in

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A quickening PULSE at Caritas

June 1 marked the centenary of Programme Management Team (PMT) meetings in Caritas India. Fr Paul Moonjely, Executive Director of Caritas India, is a veteran of at least 50 of these meetings in his six years at the organization.  Talking about the relevance of this meeting, he said, “This meeting will the Strategic Plan with its four strategic pillars of Empowerment and Animation, Giving Communities, Dialogue and Volunteerism, is a process of

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Instead of buying expensive gifts, gift a plant to a child

Advancement in information & technology has boosted the pace of development but it has also taken away the very basic nature of human being. Children and youth have become the biggest target of consumerism in terms of technology, gadgets, and products. However, Gorajan Village under Jorhat District in Assam set a trend that was unique and inspirational. This transformation was made possible by FARM Northeast programme by reversing the environmental

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Stakeholders ensure effective implementation of health & sanitation of Shirwad Panchayat in Karwar

Mounting figures of communicable and non-communicable diseases is very alarming for the people of Uttar Kannada in Karnataka. Karwar Diocesan Development Council (KDDC) analyzed that lack of safe drinking water, pollution, alcoholism, chemical farming, unhealthy practices related to lifestyle and food/nutrition are the main causes of deteriorating health. The organization with the support of Caritas India decided to improve the health and sanitation

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Caritas India at the CSR LiveWeek Summit

“When inequalities are on the rise and opportunities like employment for the poor shrinking, ‘profit’ without people’s participation and environmental protection cannot make development sustainable”. “Business needs to go beyond the interest of their companies, to the communities they serve”, said Mr. Ratan Tata. This has a profound relation to what the landmark the National Voluntary Guidelines, set out to do. The NVGs, adopted by

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Our five-year strategic plan – Fr. Paul Moonjely animated Northeastern partners

Designing a strategic plan for the next five-year was not easy for the official development arm of Catholic Bishop’s Conference of India. Caritas India’s strategic plan is the renewed commitment to a redefined vision for better competitive advantages with various stakeholders. The strategy provides a clear vision for all the collaborators of Caritas India in understanding the new paradigm shift in development and placing people at the center

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Innovative summer camp: where children learn to prevent cancer

The Ashakiranam Student Volunteers of Sultanpet Diocese decided to transform their summer vacations to polish their social commitment. Unlike regular vacations, the children planned to work toward cancer prevention and learn to lead a healthy lifestyle. Two months Ashakiranam Cancer prevention program was organized by Sultanpet Multipurpose Social Service Society her Student Volunteers during this summer vacation. It was a journey of transformation

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Village locality headman Herod Lawai in Meghalaya leading his people

People of Jongksha A village in East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya know that their locality headman, Herod Lawai is always there to lead them to collective action and stand by in their needs. Herod is one of the farmer’s club members under FARM Northeast programme who exemplified his capacity and the leadership skills to bring change in the community towards collective action. The need for livestock rearing, especially poultry and piggery was

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