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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene promotion (WaSH) in Emergencies

Caritas India has been responding to various disasters and emergencies in India. One of the main sectoral responses which is considered during emergency relief is the WaSH intervention. To understand the concept of WaSH components during Need Assessment and Humanitarian response, Caritas India has organized two days orientation for her partners in  Assam including Women Development Centre (WDC), Guwahati Gana Seva Society (GGSS), Seva Kendra Silchar

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Global Campaign on Migration – #sharejourney

Caritas India joined Caritas across the globe on September 27, 2017 to launch the Global Campaign on Migration and refugees. We had members from Jesuits Refugee Service, Chetanalaya- Domestic Workers Forum, Nirmala Niketan working for domestic workers and construction workers, CBCI labour commission, Staff from Caritas Switzerland, students from Switzerland and staff of Caritas India. Two migrant workers shared their story of being a migrant worker.

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Child Right Violation and Trafficking haunting North-East India

Assam has emerged as the trafficking hub of the country, with 1494 cases, the state accounts for 22% of the total reported cases of trafficking across India says a report released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) 2015. This shows rampant growth in child abuse and child Rights violation cases in Northeast India. The state also has the highest number of child trafficking (1317) cases, which account for 38% of the national figure. However, this

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Why CSR should focus on smallholders

One third of chronically malnourished people worldwide live in South Asia and the largest number of them are from India. Half the total population of developing regions and a majority of the hungry and the poor - are farmers and their families. 75% of the world’s poor live in rural areas - Most of the rural poor depend, directly or indirectly, on agriculture for their livelihoods. Out of the 2.5 billion people in poor countries living directly

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Farmers from Madhya Pradesh exposed to Sustainable Agriculture Practices

Located in the central part of India in Maharashtra, Centre for Environmental Studies in Social Sector (CESSS) is doing some commendable work in restoring the ecological balance in the region. With adequate technical knowledge and hands on experience in environment restoration programmes, the centre established by Caritas India is working with facilitators, farmers, social and environmental activists and other individuals and groups to create replicable

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