CESSS opens organic outlet

Caritas India’s Centre for Environmental Studies in Social Sector (CESSS) was established to promote sustainable agriculture and natural resource management for the community of Central India. Farmers initiated organic farming but the real issue was marketing of the products. CESSS in consultation with farmers association opened an organic outlet at Paratwada which is 23 km from the village.

The outlet offers unpolished pulses like Red Gram, black Gram and Green gram, various green vegetables along with vermi compost and other liquid manures, pest repellent etc. beneficial for organic farming.

The aim was to make one point destination for buyers and sellers to access organic products. This outlet not only help farmers to sell their products freely but also avoid middle man. The outlet will be accessed by common buyers for healthy food and additionally motivate other farmers to adopt such practices in their fields.

Since 2010, CESSS has been working with thousands of marginalized farmers and trained them on sustainable agriculture practices and organic farming. As part of this initiative, CESSS had developed two Bio manure production center’s at Vastapur and Solamahu village and two mini dal mill at Somwarkheda and Badnapur village.

Currently, the outlet is managed by two people who are managing the operations. CESSS has given follow up for regular supply of various produces and within three days of its opening the outlet has earned Rs. 3250/-.

Dr. Chargen, Scientist of Agriculture Research Center of Parathwada inaugurated the center on May 8, 2017 along with Fr. Benjamin, Director, JVS, Mr. Mukund Deshmukh, Fr. Vipin, Sr. Rose Merry, Sr. Silvi and members of farmers association.

In future, the organic outlet will be promote visibility of CESSS mission and vision as well as open more windows for networking and linkages to strengthen livelihood of marginalized farmers.