Course offering cutting edge to the social workers

Initiated to orient the aspiring social workers on the socio-political context of social work by keeping the values of love, equality and dignity of people, the Development Dynamics Course (DDC) has trained thousands of social workers in the social development sector.

Over the years, the flagship course of Caritas India had reviewed and upgraded its content to match the emerging needs in the sector and imparted in-depth field based training. Focussing on the thrust of inclusiveness, equitable and integrated development of the excluded communities, development personnel were trained to have analytical mind to make an analysis of societal forces.

This year, the 48th DDC started on 05 July, 2017 at St. Joseph Vaz Spiritual Renewal Centre, Goa, with 47 participants including three from Cambodia

The course offers skills of micro social analysis and macro-economic analysis developed with practical experience. It enhances the capacities to initiate, sustain and promote empowerment of the poor and oppressed. Orient participants on emerging concept of development and various approaches, strategies for community mobilization, awareness building, value base for social transformation, sensitivity towards women & development. It also develops skills to manage development organizations along with concepts related to disaster management, integrated natural resource management, approaches to development, peace and conflict resolution and project cycle management.

It also trains participants on Results Based Management: Situational analysis, Proposal Development, Implementation & Monitoring, Evaluation and Documentation. The legal compliances, financial management and human resource management issues are also dealt in the course.

Quoting Henry Ford saying “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.’’, Fr. Lucio encouraged participants to upgrade themselves for the success of their mission.

Presenting the spirituality of development, Fr. Paul Moonjely, Deputy Director of Caritas India, evoke all the participant to do social work by involving God among us. He shared about the Catholic Social Teaching which is reveals Christ values of compassion, love, care, justice, peace, equality and human dignity.