European Re-Integration Network will support returnee reintegration in India

The European Reintegration Network (ERIN) will be implemented towards the sustainable return and reintegration of third country nationals in their country of origin, with cooperation between ERIN partner institutions from the eighteen participating host countries.

ERIN returnees programme will provide In-kind support assistant focusing on Sustainable return and reintegration of nationals who are no longer have the legal right to reside in the ERIN partners’ countries.

Caritas India in collaboration with Caritas International Belgium trained 27 participants from 14 local partners under the new reintegration grant ‘ERIN’ on 11th April 2017 in Chennai to capacitate partners on programme protocols and guidelines covering financial, reporting, confidentiality and documentation system for smooth reintegration.

ERIN programme will provide meet and greet service at the arrival airport, medical assistance at the arrival airport (e.g. Ambulance), counselling, business consultancy support, legal advice to set up micro business/income generation activity, vocational training, education support, job reference and other basic assistance after arrival, depending on the needs of the returnee and the available reintegration package.

Genuine cases were presented during the training as a cross learning exercise to identify partners intervention roles and address the challenges encountered by the partners during the implementing process.

ERIN is common project of 18 partner countries- Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany,  Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands,  Norway, Austria, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom,  Sweden, and Switzerland which is funded by European Commission (The European Asylum, Migration and Integrated Fund (AMIF)).

The training was attended by Navjeevan Charitable Society Jalandhar, Chetanalaya Delhi, Kaira Social Service Society Ahmedabad, Caritas Goa, Ernakulam Social Service Society, Kairos Kannur, Trivandrum Social Service Society, Sivagangai Multipurpose Social Service Society, Madurai Social Service Society, Salem Social Service Society, Trichy Social Service Society, Thanjavur Social Service Society, Madras Social Service Society, Hyderabad Social Service Society and Eluru Social Service Society.