International Women’s Day recognized Women Strength

Mrs. Bimla Pradhan, Former Welfare Minister of Jharkhand and Currently MLA of Simdega emphasized on the empowerment of women through several government entrepreneurship program during the International Women’s Day program at Gumla.

“Constitution allocated 50% reserved seats for women in PRI election and we need to avail this advantage” said the MLA. Due to this provision many women have become leaders of the block, panchayat and villages.

Present government has launched several women welfare schemes with the subsidy from 25% to 50% which can be used for the family and community. She requested women to systematically organize themselves in groups and avail the support for community development specifically to address women related entitlements.

Once women leaders perform their duties, roles and responsibilities rather than their husbands performing, then only true empowerment will be realized” said Mrs. Bimla while addressing 350 women participants gathered from 10 villages for the Celebration of International Women’s Day organized by Naya Sawera Vikas Kendra supported by Caritas India on 9th March 2017 at Sobira Ground Palkot, Gumla

Raising the slogan of ‘hum phool nahi chingari hai’, Mrs. Sukanti Devi, Pramuk of Palkot asked women to recognize as a change maker to be bold for progressive social changes rather consider as weaker side of the community while addressing the participants.

“Today, women are playing a very significant role not only in the community but also representing their skills and strengths in various development sectors that have witnessed in the course of the project under Agrarian Prosperity Program in the 10 villages of Dahupani Panchayat Palkot Block Gumla Dist. said Mr. Birendra Kumar the secretary of Naya Sawera Vikas Kendra in his address speech.

Supported by Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF), the project promotes tribal rural smallholders in the remotest part of Jharkhand by providing equal opportunity in mainstreaming the weaker sections including women leadership to ensure their participation in community development process at various level.

Mr. Erose Kujur, Farmers Forum Coordinator, Caritas India shared on various initiatives undertaken to recognize women in agriculture as women farmers rather than agriculture labour setting a clear vision on role and responsibilities of women in decision making and ownership of local resources.

Mrs. Pratima Devi, Prakhand Bidhayak Pratinidhi, Mr. Shasi Keshri, Prakhand Bisutri Adhyach including others were also participated in the program.