Musahar kid aspires to become mathematics teacher

Tony is 4 year old and has a great inclination toward mathematics and science. Tony has been attending the Roshini education center for the last one year and his ambition is to become a mathematics teacher. Like him there are many children who are coming to the center to take educational support.

Five years ago, Caritas India started Roshini an education empowerment project for Musahar community in the state of Bihar. Musahars are the most exploited and deprived community in Bihar and faced age old discrimination in the society. The programme aims to achieve improved access of formal school and quality education to atleast 70% musahar children.

While interacting with children of khandbihari tola, Kharagpur Block in Munger district, Mr. Nutan, Program Officer Caritas India asked about the quality of education in the center. Tony confidently raised his hand and stood up to recite multiplication table. The important quality noticed was his confidence level, clarity on multiplication table and knowledge of english alphabets.

The center was occupied with more than 35 kids from 1st standard to 8th standard from that tola. The ROSHNI project implementing with a goal to “Improved engagement and access to ICDS facilities by the pregnant women, young mothers and children belonging to 1-5 years of age”.

Tony’s mother, Basanti Devi is an active and regular member of Mata Samiti, committee of mothers responsible for monitoring the ROSHNI program which include education center, women access to ICDS and RTE entitlements. She understand the importance of education and has been bringing her three children to the center to educate them.

She also requested to provide education materials to the children coming to center because the male members of tola are not interested in education and they do not have enough money to educate their children. They are the daily labourer and whatever they earn that is only hand to mouth.