Pollution Free Poultry Farm for future

Imagine a world where polluting, resource-intensive chicken farms are replaced with natural farming method of rearing chicken with no pesky smell that normally surrounds poultry.

Pollution Free Poultry Farm (PFPF) is a one such method of rearing chicken in an organic system. In this method the floor of the shed is filled with soil, rice husk, rice bran, anthill soil, charcoal, Oriental Herbal Nutrients (OHN), Fish Amino Acids (FAA), Fermented Fruit Juice (FFJ), Indigenous Micro Organisms (IMO) and Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB). The organic floor composition ensures that birds get part of their feed from the floor itself.

This method on one hand, ensures healthy growth of birds and on the other, provides quality compost from the bed. With this method, landless and smallholders can earn incomes from poultry activities and compost sale.

Caritas India organized a training on PFPF on 20-21 February 2017 at Sevasangama, Gulbarga for its 23 Ujjivana programme staff and beneficiaries to have additional income by doing poultry farming in their backyard.

Mr. Sunil, the programme coordinator of Khammam and Mr. Devadas, the programme coordinator of Adilabad were the resource persons for the programme.

Mr. Sunil explained the difference between the normal poultry farm and the PFPF . The participants also learnt that in normal poultry farm, chicks or birds take more time to grow, loss is more due to insecurity, no nutritious food and investment is more.

The participants were given firsthand experience of PFPF low cost shed at Thiligol village. Mr. Mohammad, one of the farmer interested in adopting PFPF model in his field provided the items to prepare a shed. The Resource Persons helped him to prepare a low cost shed where 20-25 birds/chicks can be reared.